The Top Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend


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It’s that time of the year again, the yearly head pounding conundrum you never seem to solve. It’s your girlfriend’s birthday. This year, instead of frantically buying gas station flowers and chocolates on the way home, treat her to something good. Here’s a pick of some of the best girlfriend birthday ideas.

Designer Bag

Women love their handbags. No matter how many bags your girlfriend has, chances are she’ll be on the lookout for a new one. Find out what the hottest designer bags are at the moment. You could even go for something a little more practical like a designer work bag. Whatever you choose, make sure you keep the receipt. Women take their bags seriously and aren’t afraid to let you know when you’ve chosen badly.

Engagement Ring

How about it? What better birthday gift than a proposal? Imagine the look on her face as she tears off the wrapping paper to reveal a little box. And in that box is the perfect little ring. You have many choices to choose from when buying engagement rings. There’s the classic diamond ring or the growingly popular halo engagement rings. It’s an unwritten rule that you should spend three months salary on an engagement ring, but that’s not the law. There are even tools out there to help calculate how much you should spend depending on various factors in your life.

Photo Album

There a few things more thoughtful than a homemade photo album. Your girlfriend will appreciate the effort you went to to put it all together. It takes up more of your time than going online or to the shops and buying something, but it’s worth it. Search through all the hundreds of photos of you and her over the years. Pick out memorable moments from your time together. Your first picture as a couple, the picture from that one time you got drunk and ended up at couples karaoke night. Pick memories that’ll make her smile, laugh and cry (with happiness obviously).

Holiday Tickets

A surprise holiday is a sure-fire way to earn the title of ‘best boyfriend ever’. You may have played it cool throughout the year and acted like you couldn’t afford a holiday this summer. Then her birthday comes around; she opens the card, and two tickets fall out! A week’s stay in a tropical resort somewhere sunny. A holiday is a great gift and something for both of you to look forward to and enjoy.


Candles are an easy option when looking for birthday gifts. They come in so many varieties. Different sizes, different shapes, different smells. It can actually be quite fun candle shopping as you get to smell all the scents. You can buy great candle and incense gift baskets that will make your girlfriend’s day.


Shopping for birthday gifts is stressful for most men. Not to generalize but we’re pretty awful when it comes to picking out gifts. It’s mainly because she always gets you exactly what you want on your birthday, and you can never replicate it. But now you have the knowledge to go out there and give her the best birthday ever!

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