The Best Gifts for Your Quirky Friend

quirky gift

Quirky friends are often difficult to buy for. What can you get them that will suit their personality? Here are the types of gifts that might be best.


Something Useful


Useful gifts always tend to be the ones that are most appreciated by the people who receive them. But just because the gifts are practical, that doesn’t mean they can’t be good and interesting as well. Start by thinking what they like doing or what problems they have and find a gift that will help them out.


If there’s something particular about them that affects their day to day life, buy a gift to make life easier. For example, if they’re left-handed, you should buy them some left-handed tools and gadgets for them. Buying this kind of gift also shows that you have really thought about what gift to buy them.


Something Fun


Sometimes, the best kinds of gifts are the ones that are simply fun and silly. There’s no shortage of gifts that fit that description, so you need to start searching. You could get them a miniature drone that they can fly around their home and garden. These are becoming more popular than ever, and they’re very fun to mess around with.


Another innovative kind of gift is the 3D printing pen. These allow you to do 3D printing in real time and create little sculptures. They’re pretty primitive at the moment, and the technology will get better, but they’re still a lot of fun to use. When you use it, it’s like drawing a picture but in 3D; they’re not as expensive to buy as you might expect either.

quirky gift

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Something Sporty


We all know someone who loves sport and spends most of their time running around tracks, cycling up mountains or lifting weights in the gym. If your quirky friend is the kind of person who loves to get active, there are lots of interesting sporty-themed gifts that you could buy for them.


You could get something that will help them do their exercise. There are gadgets that measure heart rates and allow people to track their fitness progress. Alternatively, you could get something that’s associated with their favourite athlete or sports team. The market for sports memorabilia is huge, so you’ll be able to find something.


Something Technological


The shops and online stores are filled with gadgets nowadays. If your friend loves to spend their time messing around with the latest technological gadgets, this is the kind of thing you should get for them. You’ll have to find out which gadgets they already have before you make your purchase though.


One of the most interesting kinds of technological gifts that I’ve seen is the laser keyboard. You put a little laser pack on top of your smartphone or tablet and it then projects a laser keyboard onto the table in front of it. Then you can type using the laser keyboard rather than tapping on the screen.


Buying gifts for friends can be difficult, but hopefully these ideas will have given you some inspiration.

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