Presents for Your Car Obsessed Boss

furry dice

Buying for the boss is often pretty tricky. You don’t want to buy anything that might offend them or make them think badly of you. Ideally, you want something that they’re going to love. If they’re obsessed with cars, try these top gift ideas and you won’t go far wrong.


Furry Dice


Who doesn’t love a furry dice in their car? It’s classic car kitsch, but we love them all the same. But seriously, they’re great gifts for the boss. It shows that you understand where their interests and passions lie. And anything that can put you in the boss’s good books can only be a good thing.


If you want to do even more to make sure they love your furry dice gift, why not get them personalized? You could have their name put on them, first name on one dice, last name on the other. Trust me, that’s the kind of thing us car obsessives love to have!

furry dice


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A Scalextric Set


Most men are big kids at heart, and most men who are obsessed with cars started out life playing around on the floor with toy cars. That’s where the obsession began for most of us! We weren’t old enough to get behind the wheel just yet, so we had to make do with mini plastic versions instead.


The ultimate car-themed toy out there was Scalextric, so why not give them a taste of their childhood by getting them one as a gift? It’s a simple game, you put the car on the track and make it go slower or faster, making sure it doesn’t crash. It’ll be fun to play around the office if nothing else.


Car Accessories


There are all kinds of great car accessories that make perfect gifts for drivers and petrolheads. For most of them, their car is their pride and enjoy, so anything that helps that look after it or makes it look even better than it already does is much appreciated. Which means they’re perfect gifts.


So, which accessories should you buy? You could get something pretty small and simple like a new toolkit or something a bit bigger like a new stereo system. But if you want to go even bigger, visit The Auto Art and look at the body jobs they offer online.


Racing Video Games


A lot of car crazy men like to think of themselves as boy racers who would be more than capable of winning the Grand Prix if only someone would give them a chance. Of course, this isn’t true, but it doesn’t stop us from thinking it! Instead, we have to live out our dreams through video games.


There are new racing video games coming out all the time, so they’re always a good gift option to think about if your boss can’t get enough of cars. Make sure you know if they have the right console to play it on before you spend all that money though!


The great thing about having a boss who loves his car is that there are loads of great gifts you can buy for them.

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