Incredible Gifts to Give a Retiring Colleague

retirement gifts

Retirement is one of the most significant events in anyone’s life. You’ve been working yourself to the bone for 40, 50 years or more, and you can finally stay home and enjoy yourself. When one of your colleagues retires, you want to give them a proper send-off to thank them for their time at the company and wish them luck in their retirement. So you need an appropriate gift, whether it’s from you as an individual or everyone in the office or company pitches in. There are traditional gifts, such as a gold watch, but there’s also a whole range of other possibilities. If you need inspiration, take a look at these ideas.


Leisure Time Gifts


Your colleague will be leaving to enjoy a new life of leisure, where they hopefully won’t have to think about bringing home the bacon. Some people struggle with all the free time they suddenly have, so why not give them something to help them enjoy it? Perhaps they enjoy gardening, and you could gift them with a new gadget or some seeds for their garden. An e-reader is an excellent present for someone who has more time to read, or you could get them something related to their favorite sport (either to watch or to do).


Give an Experience


Another excellent gift for someone who has more time on their hands is an experience, rather than an object. Instead of gifting them with a physical thing, get them an activity to do or a membership for somewhere. For example, you might buy them a pass to all the local museums or even a short break so they can enjoy some time away. Retirement is the best time to try new things and go traveling.

retirement gifts

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Traditional Retirement Gifts


If you want to stick with slightly more old-fashioned gifts, there are several to choose from. Traditionally, companies often gave a gold watch or an engraved plaque to retiring employees to commemorate their time with the business. Both of these gifts still work well for leaving colleagues, both men, and women. However, these gifts are the sort of thing that everyone would contribute toward, and you may also want to give individual presents. For men, you could try buying a pair of cufflinks from a retailer like 1st Choice Cufflinks, while women might enjoy a necklace or bracelet. Bottles of alcohol often go down well too, from champagne to whiskey, and there’s always flowers and chocolate.


The Gift of Choice


If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always give them a gift card. They might not be the most personal thing to give someone, but they allow people to choose whatever they want. You can avoid making a mistake by buying the wrong thing but still get them a present. If you know the sort of thing they like but can’t pin down an exact gift, get them a card for an appropriate store.


You can give your retiring colleague a gift to remember everyone by, with one of these ideas. Don’t forget to throw them a party too.

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