Ideas For Creating The Ultimate Gift Hamper For Your Best Clients

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If you own and run a successful business, there will come a time when you want to reward your clients for their loyalty. While other companies simply offer good rates of discount, we think you should go the extra mile. Creating custom gift hampers for your best clients does not have to cost the earth, but it will let them know how much you value their custom. You can put anything you like in the hamper, but we’re going to offer some quick ideas in the hope of making your life easier. The items do not have to relate to your business as this is simply a token of your appreciation. Just think about products people in their offices might enjoy.


Get some expensive wine


Everyone loves and drink, and so getting some expensive wine and adding it to your hamper is a good idea. You’ll want to include at least two bottled to ensure everyone important to their operation can have a glass or two. To reduce the amount you have to spend, it’s wise to buy wine online. Not only will that mean you make some great savings, but it will also mean you have a much wider selection from which to choose. Also, you can learn a little about the different types of wine and try to select something appropriate.


Present an array of cheeses


Most people love to try different cheeses in their Christmas hampers, but few people include them during the rest of the year. Cheese isn’t just for the festive season you know. There is nothing wrong with adding some to the hamper you’re going to send to your clients. Just visit your local store and select obscure and tasty products you think they will enjoy. If nothing else, at least you get to spend an afternoon out trying different cheeses!

gift box organic

Add a special gift


Not everything in your hamper has to be consumable, and so you might consider adding a special gift. Try to pick something they will use in the office as that will ensure your company stays in the forefront of their mind. Maybe a nickel plated letter opener would make sense? Or perhaps you think they would benefit from some new stylish pens? Either way, small gifts like that can help to add a special touch.


Don’t forget the chocolate


You should select boxes of chocolate that contain many small pieces. That will ensure that everyone in the office gets to have a nibble. Again, you don’t have to break the bank, but it’s wise to get something a little better than the products you might find on the shelves at your local store. Looking online should make your life easier. Just check out some luxury chocolate specialists and see what’s on offer at the current time.


Your hampers should be looking pretty good now. Just make sure you have them wrapped professionally in order to guarantee they have the best effect. Your clients are going to love their gifts, and they will appreciate the fact that you thought about them. See you next time!


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