Golfing Gift Ideas For Your Clients

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More often than not the real business deals are not done in the office. They’re done when clients and employer alike are relaxed and free to indulge in a little down time. What better place to seal the deal or get to know your client than indulging in one of the world’s favorite sports and activities; a round of golf? Why not take some golf gift ideas with you to your next important meeting and let your clients know how valued they are?


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Golf Balls and Tees


Every golfer knows about the expense and frustration of losing balls during the game. A great basic way to say thank you or show your appreciation could be to provide a set of golf balls and tees. A quality golf ball is a wonder of technology. You could take this a step further and have the ball personalized with your logo or even something particular to mark the occasion. Another great idea that could work is to buy a golf ball stamping kit. This is like a permanent marker and will ensure that there is no confusion over balls around the putting green. There are a range of designs and stamps for you to choose from.


Golf Ball Retriever


This is a back-saving gadget that is proving to be popular with golfers around the world. Quite simply it is an extendible device that allows you to retrieve your ball without having to bend over. Being telescopic it fits easily into any golf bag. The retriever is particularly good at picking up balls from long grass and even out of the water! If you think about how many times you’ll bend over in the course of a game yet alone a career, this could well save your back. Check out or more information on retrievers and a range of other golfing gift ideas.


Putting Trainers


They say this is where the game is won, and everyone who enjoys golf loves to work on their putting skills. Putting trainers allow you to do that wherever you are and whatever the weather. They make a great office accessory while you chew things over, or you can set up at home or even a hotel! Some are designed to mimic the putting green and are based on a mat. These are often extendable. Other designs replicate the hole. Both should be able to return your ball easily, so you’ll get the maximum amount of practice.


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Golf trips


There are some brilliant and exciting ideas for really wooing your important clients and customers. Getting them out of the office can make a deal and help form a really strong relationship. Why not take advantage of some of the best courses in the world or simply in your region? Find out where the best golf courses are at Arrange a voucher for a holiday or set up a game or even a coaching session.


If it’s a game you have in mind they you’ll be able to supplement with some smaller personalized gifts or just enjoy the freedom to play, chat and discuss the important things in life; like the weather and the nineteenth hole!


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