Four Great Gift Ideas That Say I Love You

homemade gift

homemade gift



Are you looking for a gift for your partner that shows them how much you care? Or, are you new to this whole love thing, and you’re not sure how to express your feelings? Well, we are here to help. Here are four gorgeous gift ideas that will show that special someone in your life that you love them.


1 Something homemade


A homemade present for your partner will show them that you want to put time and effort into making them happy. It is best to choose to make items that you are comfortable creating. Stay away from anything too complicated if you are new to arts and crafts. Something straightforward, yet very special, would be a scrapbook documenting your relationship together. The book could include photos, letters, ticket stubs and poems. Alternatively, why not try your hand at some baking and cooking? You could make your other half a delicious cake made from their favourite ingredients. A “love potion” made from spicy sauce or sweet jam might go down as a thoughtful and cheeky gift.


2 Anything heart-shaped


Gifts shaped like hearts are bound to get the message across to your special someone that you love them. Your other half might like a gift that is practical, but also that reminds them of you every time they use it. For this intention, you might like the sound of heart-shaped cufflinks, cup and saucer or paperweight. If you don’t care about practicality and just want to give them an obvious symbol of your love, why not go for a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a framed picture of a heart.


3 Something silver of gold


Jewelry is another way to communicate your feelings with your partner and is an appropriate gift for both women and men. You might like the sound of his and hers gold or silver rings. And for an extra special touch, inscribe the jewelry with a personal message. If you are looking for unusual gold and silver gifts, you may wish to try the Eternity Rose for unique gifts. Remember, gold and silver gifts don’t have to be super expensive. You will find many items that are gold and silver plated which are good quality and affordable.

Romantic getaway




4 A romantic getaway


A trip away for you and your partner to somewhere romantic will definitely get the intended message across. Think of places romantic accommodation options near to you like the beach or a log cabin in the countryside. If you want to go further afield, consider some of the most romantic places in the world like, Florence, Brugge and Paris. It might be an idea to find out (subtly) what cities your partner dreams of visiting. When you present the gift, it will be extra special because you will be making their dreams come true.


A little gift that carries a big message is always lovely to receive. We hope these ideas have made you feel all lovey-dovey and that you find the perfect gorgeous gift for the one you love.


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