Excellent Gifts To Say “Thank You” To Your Employees

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If your employees have been working their socks off, giving them something to say thank you is a great idea. Not only will it show them that you appreciate their hard work, but it will also boost morale within the team and encourage them to keep up their good work.


So, are you a boss who wants to say thank you to your team for their contribution? Whether you are looking for an idea for a small token of gratitude or something a bit bigger, keep reading for a variety of excellent gift suggestions.


A personalised present - Personalised gifts are all the rage at the moment. Anything that has been customised for the recipient will make a great gift. Obviously you don’t want to make it too personal; there are some boundaries when buying gifts for colleagues. However, you can find something that is both appropriate and creative. How about coffee mugs or pens for each staff member with their name and their job title on them? If you have a small team that you know quite well, you may even wish to personalise these gifts with a picture or funny quote perhaps.

coffee table



A day out - You could combine your thank you gift with a team building exercise by organising a fantastic day out. But this excursion gift doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are lots of cheap theme parks you may wish to consider, or you could organise a staff picnic with outdoor games at the beach or park. A day out is bound to be appreciated by your staff. It gives them a treat after working so hard and encourages the team to bond.


Food and drink - Food or drink related presents are often given in the corporate environment. They are a good choice if you are looking for something small and safe. A nice bottle of wine or a small hamper of fresh fruit or savoury and sweet treats is a lovely way to communicate your gratitude for their hard work.


A party - If you and your team have just finished an intense project at work, what better way to blow off some steam than with a party to celebrate all your accomplishments. You can have something low key, like beers and pizza in the office on a Friday or do something more elaborate like hire out a function room for drinks and nibbles or dinner.




Vouchers – If you want to say thank you but don’t want to cause any fuss, vouchers are a great but simple option. With this kind of gift, your employees can get something that they really want or need. It’s best to buy your vouchers from a shop that has plenty of variety, rather than somewhere niche like a sports store.


If you are reading this article, you are clearly a great boss who appreciates and cares about your staff. We are sure you’ll find the perfect way to say thank you to your hard working team.

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