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work station 101

work station 101

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There are many occasions when you might want to give gifts to your employees. It could be a holiday, work achievement or something in their personal life. But choosing presents for them isn’t always easy because you don’t know how personal you can get. You might be good friends with some of your staff, but often business owners have more of a working relationship with their employees. When you’re not sure about what to give someone, sticking to items for the office can be a good idea. You can still choose personal gifts, but because they’re related to work they’re appropriate for the office too. Check out some of these ideas for next time you need to buy an employee a gift.


Coffee and Tea


A lot of people like to have a hot drink on their desk throughout the day. If you have employees who are constantly getting up to make tea or coffee, there are lots of things you can get them. Apart from buying them some gourmet loose tea or coffee, you could also get them something to put their drink in too. A new mug might seem like a small gift, but you can find the perfect one for your employee to show you’ve put some thought into it. You can also get fun gadgets that do things like keep mugs warm, or perhaps a self-stirring mug.


Calendars, Diaries, and Stationery


If you know someone in the office who’s fastidiously organized, they’re bound to love any stationery related gifts. For the person who can spend hours looking at pens and notebooks, there are hundreds of presents you can get them. For example, some of the cute calendars and diaries on will help them organize their day and keep track of the things they need to do. Other ideas include pens, files, and organizers.


Desk Ornaments


Staring at a desk all day can be pretty uninspiring, even if you’re busy with your work. Give your employees something with which to spruce up their workspace to inspire them to work better. For example, you could add some greenery to their desk with a plant. Try a cactus or something else low-maintenance so they don’t have to pay too much attention to keeping it alive. Or you could get them a globe they can use to mark the places they’ve traveled to, and to inspire them to dream big.


Break Time


Everyone needs a break during the day, but sometimes they would rather sit at their desk than socialize with the rest of the office. For those at-the-desk breaks, give your employees something to do to help them relax. Try a mini zen garden, for example, which gives them a small plot of sand to rake and some pebbles to move around. Or you could give them some puzzles or a little book of jokes or wisdom.


The office environment is essential to your employees’ productivity, and any gifts you give them can make it a nicer place to be. Choose something for their workspace or the break room next time you buy them a gift.

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