A Guide To Buying Gifts For Colleagues

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Buying gifts for the people you work with is not easy. Most of the time you only know the person professionally and not personally, which can make you feel very lost when you begin searching for their gift. At you feel there is a bit of pressure on you from your colleagues to find the perfect present. So how do you go about getting a gift that is suitable for your colleague and one that they will appreciate? This guide will provide you with some helpful tips on how to deal with the gift buying conundrum.


1: Ask your other colleagues  

If you are stuck for ideas, ask your other colleagues for advice. Presumably it is a gift from the team so they should be willing to contribute money as well as ideas. Someone may know the person you are buying for a little better than you and might be able to provide you with some suitable gift ideas. Be subtle when asking for help from colleagues; you don’t want the person you are buying for to overhear. Sending emails or having a covert conversation over the water cooler will keep help to keep your discussion on the down low.


2: Brainstorm with family and friends

If your colleagues are unable to help, seek advice from family and friends. Ask them what gifts they have bought for and received from colleagues in the past. This will help you to come up with a lot more ideas than you would have been able to think of on your own.


3: Variety is key

Unless you are very confident, investing the entire gift budget in one item is pretty risky. What if they don’t like whiskey after all? A safer option would be to buy a number of small presents; a miniature bottle of whiskey could be one of them. Lots of gift shops sell hamper gifts for men and women that contain a number of lovely items like food, alcohol, tea, coffee, mugs and socks.


4: Avoid anything too out there

If you like buying unusual or funny gifts, reserve this interest for your family and friends. When you are buying for colleagues, it’s always best to play it safe. A number of gift ideas you might come across will be inappropriate. For example, a gift for your superior that is cheeky or that says I love you is unlikely to go down well. Just be absolutely sure that your gift is not going to upset, embarrass or annoy your colleague.


5: Take a relaxed approach

If you are completely stuck for ideas, it can be very stressful. However, getting into a panic about this task is not going to help the situation. Give yourself plenty of time, browse the web and the shops for inspiration and eventually you will stumble upon a great idea. And to help you relax even more, run your ideas past your colleagues to make sure they are happy with your choice.


Happy gift shopping and good luck!

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