5 Gift Ideas For Workaholics


Most of us have someone we know who is addicted to their job. When buying gifts for such people, we tend to either get them something that will benefit them at work or a present that will encourage them to take a well-earned break. Whichever route you prefer to take, we have a range of gift ideas that will surely please the workaholic in your life.


  1. A mug


If you have a small budget, a mug is a great idea for your friend or relative who loves to work. This beaker is a treasured item for a workaholic. It holds the coffee that gives them the energy to keep going during the day. Or it contains a relaxing hot drink which helps them to unwind after a full-on day. You can find some lovely mugs on gift websites such as http://www.giftsfromhandpicked.co.uk/. If you want to flesh this gift out a bit, why not include some quality coffee or tea?


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  1. A spa voucher


One of the best ways to encourage your workaholic loved one to take a rest is by giving them a spa voucher. Who wouldn’t make the time for a massage, body wrap or facial? However, if you think your workaholic will try and get out of it, buy the voucher from a spa near their place of work, so they have no excuse! A bit of pampering could be just want they need to recover from days on end of sitting in front of the computer, in meetings or on planes.


  1. A travel kit


If your workaholic relative or friend travels a lot with work, they might appreciate a handy travel kit. In this pack, you can include a number of travel-sized items like a toothbrush and hairbrush. An eye mask, travel pillow, and earplugs will be appreciated if they find it difficult to catch up on sleep while in transit.

stress ball

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  1. A stress ball


Stress balls work really well when things become a bit overwhelming, a feeling I’m sure the workaholic in your life has felt on numerous occasions. Additionally, some people find that these balls help them to be more productive and to come up with better ideas. Stress balls come in all different shapes and sizes including smiley faces, light bulbs, as well as some naughty options. So you can certainly have a bit of fun with this gift idea.


  1. Smartphone accessories


If your workaholic friend or family member is always glued to their iPhone or Blackberry, they will probably love a few accessories for these devices. For example, a wireless headset and a portable charger will ensure they can always stay connected. Or a holster will ensure they never have to experience the panic of losing their device.


So, will you get the workaholic in your life something relaxing or work-related? Either way we hope you have been inspired by our selection of gift ideas for those who are addicted to their job.


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